Postpartum Care



How did you feel when you were two months postpartum? Did you bounce back quickly? Were you exhausted? Did you not recognize the body in the mirror? Were you shocked to see the weight falling off?

We all have different experiences when it comes to our postpartum journey. For example, everyone says “You’ll lose SO much weight breastfeeding”. Nope, not me. My body hoards the fat to feed my baby. Loosing weight is not so easy for this momma when she is postpartum.

So, today I am talking about how I took care of myself after I had the baby. Overall, I felt great after I had Finn. I had a lot of energy. I felt really balanced and relaxed. I felt good. But I knew I had to get my body moving. I had a ton of weight to lose. I needed a daily routine that would get me on the right path to feeling energized and healthy.

My first postpartum self-care journey really had me focusing on weight loss. I would obsess about the scale number and the size of my clothes. My body had changed dramatically, my hips, my boobs, and I was trying to get some control back over that. This pregnancy was different. After I had Finn, I made a promise to myself: “I didn’t want to spend another moment of my life worrying about my weight and being pretty.” That kind of thinking felt like such a waste of time. I wanted to live my life to the fullest. Enjoying my boys. Instead, my new motto was:

“I want to feel energy. I want to be healthy!”

I would say this to myself over and over again. Every time I ate some something or tried on clothes, I would say these words to myself “I want to feel energy. I want to be healthy!” It quickly made me feel really good and guided me to making smart choices with food and self-confidence. I still have a really long way to go to getting my body where I’d like it, but it’s more about shedding some weight so I feel energized inside of myself. Here are a few tips and tricks I have done to help get my body feeling energized and healthy.

Physically, Spiritually, and Beauty

1.       Physical - Do some sort of activity every day! Don’t box yourself in to a strict schedule or a gym membership or classes. We are moms, and we don’t have time for all that right now. I promise myself I’ll do some sort of activity every day for 25-45 minutes max.

2.       Physical –

My activity mostly is:

- Ride Stationary Bike for 25 minutes

- Strength Training with 5 lb weights for 15 minutes (Squats, Lunges, Jump Squats, Butt Lifts)

- Yoga

-Walking outside

-Dance Party with my toddler


3.       Beauty - After I have a baby, I like to feel as Natural as possible. I use natural products. I don’t like tight clothes. I like to be comfortable by wearing basic cotton clothes. A good pair of blue jeans, with flip flops. I like to keep it really simple and stay mostly focused on good skin care and hair care. This makes me feel a lot better.

4.       DRINK WATER! First thing in the morning, I chug a big glass of lemon water. This helps you to feel incredible for the start of your day. I have loved this new habit. Then, I continue to drink about three more Yeti cups of water throughout the day.

5.       Eat more fruits and vegetables.

6.       Keep a journal. Write your prayers and what you’re grateful for.

7.       Cook yummy meals for your family. There is something about a home that smells of a home cooked meal every night. It feels so inviting and comforting. It really will nourish your soul.

8.       Keep a planner to stay organized.

Take it one day at a time. Be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself. Keep in mind this time is fleeting. It truly is such a short time in your life, but one of the most important. Your babies will only be babies for a little while. Cherish it. Savor it. Love on them and yourself. Your body is amazing. Your body gave life. It is your body, so you have the choice to love it and appreciate what God has given you, or fight against it. Go with the natural flow of your body. Listen to it and love it. It is yours. Take great care in yourself.

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