A Day in Our Life: A Florida Family's Daily Schedule

So, what's on the schedule today, you may ask? Well, I know this is not a super interesting topic, but let's face it most of us need some sort of schedule to stay sane. I am a schedule kind of person. I'm a list maker, and I'm a planner. I use my schedule as more of a guide and I don't hate on my self too much if I stray off. It's a guide. The schedule keeps me rooted in my day. In the book Unschooling Rules, he talks about get away from the idea of blocks of subjects to teach in your schedule or day. He talks about creating a AM time and a PM time. I love this. Maybe I can create this for my own daily schedule. Lately, I have been using that to plan out my day. I realize the book is about homeschooling, but I think a lot of us could use that idea for planning out our day. So, here we go....this schedule is as much for me as it is for you. I don't follow this to a T, and I am pretty much creating it for myself to refer back too. 

 All is quiet, all is calm. Good morning!

All is quiet, all is calm. Good morning!

AM TIME - My AM TIME is mostly "chore focused". It's pretty much the same everyday, and frankly it's stuff I have to do every damn day. You just gotta get it done momma!

5:00 AM Wake Up Call - Finn wakes me up and we nurse in bed for an hour or so. I love this time. It's kind of dreamy and special. The bonding and cuddling give me all that good mama juju.

6:00 AM GET UP MOMMY!!! - Jackson wakes up. I turn on the coffee. Give him some orange juice in a life factory bottle (yes, he still sips on a bottle in the morning. It's a comfort thing he can't quite quit, so I go with it) and turn on cartoons on the IPAD, Kids Youtube. Change every-bodies diapers. I sip on some coffee, and WRITE or READ. "What we consume, we become." I try very hard to not check social media. If I do, I just feel "blah".

6:45 AM Breakfast - A typical morning breakfast in our household looks something like this:

Mommy - drinks a Yeti Cup of water and lemon to start, finish with a bowl of oatmeal, Bob's Redmill Oats, Wild Blueberries, Maple Syrup, and Half a Banana

Daddy and Jackson - eat a breakfast sandwich (frozen or homemade)

Finn - bottle of Kirkland's Formula or Breastmilk

7:00 AM Get Dressed - I get Finn, Jackson, and myself dressed and ready for the day. I also finish packing Jackson's lunch and bag for school before we head out the door. 

7:45 AM We're Off to School - I drop off Jackson. Then, I either head home or get groceries for the week. For big grocery hauls, I schedule a pick up with Walmart Grocery. This saves me at least $75 a week on groceries, but it's only good for big hauls. If I just need to stock a few items for the week, I go to Publix, Trader Joe's, or Lucky's.

9:30 AM GET YOUR BODY MOVING! I use this time to do some kind of workout, anything to get me moving. First, I do Cardio for 20 min. Currently I use a video on Youtube, like Billy Blank's Tae Bo from the 90's. So old school, but it's a great workout. Or, I'll follow Tracey Anderson on Youtube. Then, I do 15 min of yoga. I like Boho Beautiful on Youtube. Last, I end with a 10-15 minute meditation. I listen to the podcast, Live Awake.

* I nurse Finn on demand anytime he needs a little drink, and I change him before we feed *

11:00 Morning Chores - I use this time to tidy and organize the house. I don't really get into deep cleans, that's for afternoons when I work on projects. We live in 628 sq feet, so everything has a place. I use this time to 1) put stuff away 2) make beds 3) dishes 4) sweep floor 5) wipe counters 6) fold and put away laundry.

* I take occasional breaks to play with Finn. Give kisses. Cuddle. Sometimes I carry Finn in our Boba Wrap while I do chores. He is so content wrapped up snug on my chest. Also, Finn is still napping every two hours. We are not on a set sleeping schedule for him. He just naps and wakes when he wants too. So far, it's worked out well. He's a really easy going baby. *

12:00 Lunch - A typical lunch for me is something like: Salad with lots of veggies, topped with roasted sweet potatoes, avocado, salsa, and crushed tortilla chips for crunch. I swig it down with a small kombucha. And maybe nibble on a small piece of good chocolate to end the meal.

PM Time - This is my afternoon window set aside for Projects, Outside Time, Play, and Rest. This changes daily and varies on my mood, what my body needs, what my family needs, and what my soul needs. The PM time is sacred and I love it!

12:30 - 3:00 I use this time to work on things such as:

1. Organizing places in our house (clothes, closets, kitchen, toys, etc.) I love to organize. I know it's weird, but I've always been like that since I was little.

2. Hiking with Finn. This is a great time to load up Finn in our Ergo Carrier and hit the trails. A few great walking trails in our area are: Milhopper Trail, San Felasco Hammock Preserve State Park, Itchatucknee State Park, Oleno State Park, or Paynes Prairie.

3. Work in the yard. Start a garden. Turn the compost. Play with plants in new pots and soil for our back deck.

4. Meal prep and planning time for the week.

5. Bake something for someone.

6. Take a nap. Listen to a podcast. Sit and watch the trees. Nurse all afternoon. Do nothing, do everything...whatever my body needs that day.

3:30 PM - Pick up Jackson from school

4:30 PM - Jackson comes home and he likes to chill out during this time. He typically unwinds with a snack, some juice, and watches the IPAD for a little bit. Other days he likes to play on the back deck with blocks and cars. I like to hang with Jackson, and play with him for a little while.

5:30 PM Dinner Prep, get Cooking! - I love this time! I don't know why, but it reminds me the most of my childhood. Mom's in the kitchen, yummy smells are brewing, Bonnie Raitt is playing, glass of wine, or cold beer....it's time to cook something for your family. My motto, do it with love, have fun, be creative, and taste test a lot. The kiddos usually play or help me in the kitchen  while we prepare dinner.

6:30 PM Dinner Time - Daddy is home by now and we sit down as a family and eat together. It may not be proper, but we watch the news as we eat. I kind of love it, I kind of hate it. It always stirs up meaning full dinner conversations, keeps us informed, and at times sinks our hearts and make me realize this crazy world we live in. If it gets too serious, I turn the tv off, light a candle, and put on some Chris Stapelton. Love him!

7:30 PM Bath time for the kiddos

8:00 PM Story time and night, night. Kiss, hug, I love you, night...night. Lights off. Turtle night light on. All is calm, all is quiet. Kids knock out very quickly. Phew! We survived!

9:30 PM - Lights out for Mommy and Daddy.

1:00 AM and 3:00 AM Wake up and feeding for Finn (Have bottles prepped. This will save you!)

In a rough, rugged nutshell, that's our day. It's pretty typical, pretty standard. Nothing fancy, but it works and it's our life. Some days it's mundane and boring. Other days it's exhausting. But it's my life, and I'm learning that the precious moments are in the little subtle moments throughout your day. God gives you sacred memories in such subtle quiet moments. A red hawk sitting outside my window. Did I catch it as I looked up from loading the dishwasher? My baby smiling for the first time, as he looks in your eyes with so much love it could end war. Did you catch that as you were scrolling your instagram during a feeding? Your toddler running over to you to tell you "he loves you", because for the first time he can he hear himself saying the words outloud. Did you catch that as you got lost in your head going over your to-do's? God is everywhere in those quick subtle moments, in children, in nature, in love. If we don't breathe it all in and stay engaged, we will miss it. Being thankful in life is recognizing the opportunities that God has given us. Why did he give us those opportunities? He gave them to us, to enjoy life. To enjoy life. That's it. He gave me the opportunity to stay home with my babies, to enjoy them. Not to create the perfect organized house. He gave me this space and season of life to enjoy the subtle moments with my children. So as much as we set schedules for ourselves, don't forget to look up.

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