My Story

Raising boys. Native Floridian. Free spirit. Travel junkie. Foodie. Nature lover. Spirit seeker.



Hi, I'm Haley!

A little bit about myself......I'm a native Floridian raising two boys with my amazing partner in rural North Florida. I'm a certified K-6 teacher and absolutely love teaching. Prior to teaching in Florida, I taught at charter schools in Portland, Oregon and a private dual immersion school in Costa Rica. But my real passion is teaching at rural schools in Florida. Whether, it's a small fishing community on the Gulf of Mexico or a rural farming town in Central Florida, those are the places I find myself teaching. I fall in love with the tight nit communities of rural Florida and wouldn't want to teach anywhere else.

      When I'm not teaching, I'm busy with my number one priority, my family. I'm raising two boys, Jackson and Finn. They are my pride and joy. They are my whole world. I love my boys and I love being a MOM! In this blog, I explore my own journey of motherhood through cooking, exploring the sunshine state, self care, and home making. 

      I've lived all over the world. My gypsy soul landed me in Oregon, Alaska, Spain, Costa Rica, and Panama, but my roots were always pulling me back home to the deep south. I was raised in a little concrete block house on the Gulf of Mexico. I grew up with salty hair, sun kissed cheeks, mosquito bites, and the freedom to roam the marshes as much as my little heart desired. Returning home after 10 years gone, I realized what I had been searching for was where I had always been, home. Florida home. And I couldn't think of a better place to raise my two boys. 

      Thanks for vising my site and catching a glimpse of my journey.